What is aki mail?

aki mail is an easy and affordable way for your company to send out emails to your subscribers on a monthly or one time use basis. It is integrated with your site, so potential subscribers only have to enter their email address and they are automatically added into your subscriber mailing list. Our system will send out your emails either instantly or at a scheduled time. After each e-mail campaigns are sent out, you can see reports containing useful information like: Who opened the e-mail, who clicked on a link, who unsubscribed, and who forwarded the e-mail to a friend. aki mail even has the ability to send out a test e-mail to check how it will look on different webmail clients and e-mail programs.

Free Site Integration

We believe in our product so much, we’ll help you get set up free of charge. We’ll create an account for you, hook up a form to your site, import your first batch of subscribers, and we’ll even set up your first template (hosting account with aki creative is required).

Easy to Use

You will have no problem using aki mail. You have the ability to import your subscribers and even send your own campaigns. Of course if you don't have time aki creative will be more than happy to create your campaign for you. To create your own campaign you will need some knowledge of HTML or you can use one of many available templates or have a custom template created that will extend the look and feel of your web site.


Setup and web site integration is free for clients who are already hosting account with aki creative. If you would like to use aki mail but you aren't hosting with aki creative, there is a $25 setup fee. Full documentation is available but if you would like aki creative to integrate with your site, the fee is $50 on top of the setup fee.

Option 1 - Pay as You Go

No Monthly Fee
You pay when you send out the campaign.
$5 plus 1.2 cents per recipient.
Example: You want to send an email to 500 subscribers. You would pay: $5 + 1.2 cents X 500 = $11.

Option 2 - Monthly Package

The monthly fee is based on how many subscribers you have in your subscriber list. You are billed monthly even if you do not send out a campaign.

Subscribers Monthly Cost (Send Limit) Monthly Cost (Unlimited)
0 to 500 $14 (2,500) $33
501 to 2,500 $32 (12,500) $60
2,501 to 5,000 $50 (25,000) $100
5,001 to 10,000 $90 (50,000) $150

Prices do not include HST.


Templates can be used to allow you to easily manage the content and images that will populate your campaign. There are many pre-built templates that you can use to send out your campaigns. You also have the option of building your own. You can simply build your e-mail like you would a web page and import it. Or of course you can have aki creative design it for $50 per template.


aki mail has full reporting of all of your campaigns. You will have the ability to see how many subscribers you have, who has unsubscribed, how many e-mails were opened, the bounce rate, and what links were clicked on your email. Another great feature is you have the ability to see if someone has marked your e-mail as spam.

Manage Subscribers

You can easily manage your subscribers by uploading them or integrating a form into your website. You can do this by either simply using a pre built HTML or we can help you customize and integrate into your site for free. Subscribers are managed automatically. If emails bounce to many times or the email address is invalid, your subscriber list will automatically be culled, that way you are only paying for active subscribers. You can also have an e-mail sent to the subscriber when they join your list with a thank you or requiring them to confirm your subscription.

Campaign Rules

In order to make sure our clients are not spamming others we do have some pretty strict, but not unusual, rules that you need to adhere to:

  1. You must include an UNSUBSCRIBE link visibly at the bottom of every campaign that gets sent out.
  2. Your subscriber list must NOT be purchased or obtained without the users’ consent. We want to make sure that recipients of your campaigns want to receive your campaigns.