Weekly or Monthly Offsite Backups Now Available

Our web server has all of the failsafes that you would expect. Your account is backed up daily to a separate backup drive located in the server and the main hard drive is running at a RAID 0 which means that it is duplicated instantly so if one hard drive goes down, the other kicks in right away. We have you covered.

As much as we can be prepared, events can happen that may cause problems or data loss. There could be a physical event at the data centre like a fire, flood or even an earthquake. We believe in having a copy of your ever-changing data safely in another location also.

aki creative now offers a new monthly or weekly offsite backup service. We generate a backup of your site weekly or monthly and send you a link so you can download the latest backup of your site if you wish. Your backup will stay securely on a cloud server for easy retrieval. If there ever was a catastrophic loss you would always have a near recent backup of your data.

Why is this useful to you? 

Your web programmer probably has a copy of your static HTML and PHP files, but every time you make a content change, upload a file, fill out a form or your customers use your online applications, your database gets updated. Your site is not the same site that was updated when you went live. So that very important data, products, orders, that you spent so much time updating on the site could be lost.

How can you protect your investment?

Within your control panel you have the ability to generate the backup yourself and you can download a full copy of your site, email accounts and databases. You can do this for FREE. You just need to make sure you remember to do it once in a while. A backup from 6 months ago isn't going to help you much. Click here to read about how you can generate your own backup.

But why worry? Let us perform these backups for you. We will perform the backup on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your comfort level. Every Friday or every last day of the month we will take care of it for you. We will generate and download the backup. We'll then upload the backup to a cloud server so it is ready if there is a need for it.

If you are interested in this service, please send us an email and we'll get you set up.