Wordpress Security

Wordpress is installed on many web servers around the world. It does have features and themes that make nice looking web sites, but there is a dark side to having Wordpress installed also: Security.

When running code that is used by many, it makes it an easy target for hackers and those that would love to wreak havoc on your site, be it just for fun or with malicious intent. We have some tips that can help protect you and the health of our web server.

Admin Login

One way that we have recently seen our server impacted is by bots trying to log into Wordpress admin sites. They are set up to constantly try logging in with as many passwords as possible in as short of time as possible. This causes our server to panic, runs up resources and could cause outages for every web site on the server.

In order to avoid this, we have blocked all login pages until they can be protected. If your page is vulnerable, you will be redirected to an information page, it could be the reason you ended up here! In order to avoid these malicious attacks, we do recommend installing a Captcha plugin. There are many available, here is one that we suggest.

Make sure your Wordpress install is updated

It is very important to keep your install updated. This will patch any security holes that may have been uncovered by the Wordpress programmers and stop your Wordpress install from being broken.

Make sure your Plugins are updated

Plugins add useful functionality to your site and may even add some vital functionality. They need love too. Make sure your plugins are updated regularly whenever available. Plugins that become outdated or even discontinued leave you and your web site open to security breaches or other unpleasant consequences. If a plugin is no longer supported, it probably means you should start looking for a replacement, one that is maintained.

Change your login

Many users use the default "admin" username for their login. Change this. It will lessen the chance of the password being cracked.


aki creative inc. is not responsible for any issues that may arise from a Wordpress installation within your hosting account. If you require our services to fix any issues related to a Wordpress install, please contact us and we will provide you an cost estimate. We want our server to be reliable to all customers and we do not want one site ruining it for everyone else. So it is very important that you take responsibility for your Wordpress install.