What is the difference between IMAP and POP mail?

When setting up your email account with aki creative hosting, you have an option to set it up as an IMAP or POP account. Most people will just pick the default on the device or system they are setting it up on, but with a little knowledge, you can pick the solution that fits your needs best.

a quick explanation

IMAP email keeps your email on the server so when you delete on one device you will delete on all devices. POP downloads your email from the server. If you delete on one device it will still show up on your other device.

What do we recommend? IMAP.

more on IMAP

Most people now check their email on more than one device. What IMAP does is keeps your email on the server. When you check on one device, like your tablet, you are getting a snapshot of your inbox, the same inbox that you would be checking using your phone. The benefit? Once you delete an email message on your tablet, you won't see it on your phone. This is much more productive than having to delete twice.

IMAP is also great if you are sharing the email account with someone else. Maybe your info@ account is checked by you and your business partner. You can have the email set up on each of your computers and work the same inbox.

Another nice thing, if you check your email using Webmail, you are again, going to be working that same inbox, deleting in webmail will delete on your tablet or phone.

more on POP

If you have one computer, and you don't check your email anywhere else POP would be sufficient for you. POP will download your email every time you open your email program. Depending on your settings, the email will be deleted on the server or you can have it leave it there for the amount of days your email program will let you pick, normally 7 days. Just remember, with POP, you delete on your computer, it won't delete on any other device if they have already downloaded the email.