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Sometimes we do all the work, sometimes clients prefer to have their own designer or firm put together their sites. aki creative inc. is involved with the execution of all the sites listed below. When deisgn has been done by another firm, we give credit where it is due.

Every site is custom based on what the customer requests, so we don't think we fit into any particular aesthetic. Take a browse through a sample of our clients, new and old.

DrapeTek Hospitality

TSI Texstyles was going through a re-branding into DrapeTek Hospitality. They had a website, but wanted to switch to one that was modern and clean. aki creative worked with the client to create a design that satisfy all of their needs. The new site will help their new business thrive and grow their client base.

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MacKay & Co.

Design by Hambly & Woolley, execution by aki creative inc.

MacKay & Co. previously had a Flash site and they wanted to move towards a more SEO friendly design. They went to Hambly & Woolley to work out the design details and brought it to aki creative inc. for the programming. We were very careful to follow Hambly & Woolley's design while make sure the site was brought to life by subtle movement and very clean pages. Perfection is something that MacKay & Co. strives for and succeeds in.

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Royal City Centre

Help making them New West's Best!

aki creative inc. has been running the Royal City Centre website for quite awhile and it finally came time for a redesign. They wanted a modern website that brought both functionality and style together. With the help of our new Graphic Designer, we created a stylish site that is as much practical as it is stunning. They are a shopping mall in New Westminster, BC with an ever-growing customer base and an extensive list of stores. Their new site will help them drive business to the mall as well as get their information out to customers and tenants.

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